03 Project structure

The application consists of user-developed libraries that define the business logic of the application and libraries created by the designer based on the database structure.

1. Libraries developed by the user

C3.Accounting.ModuleModules of objects and transactions.
C3.Accounting.WinForms of objects (catalogs, documents, …).
*Accounting – The name of the business logic module can be any

2. Libraries generated by the Designer

C3.JustMoney.ModelData Objects (catalogs, documents, …).
C3.ModelManagerObject Access Manager.
C3.ModuleManagerManager access to the object modules.
C3.JustMoney.FormBase classes of object forms
C3.FormManagerManager for access to object forms.
*JustMoney – The name of the application business logic can be any.

Custom object modules and transaction modules.

C3.Accounting.Module, C3.XXX.Module.

They contain catalogs and document handlers such as BeforeWrite, AfterWrite, Post, UnPost, etc. Developed by the user in Visual Studio.

Custom forms.

C3.Accounting.Win, C3.ХХХ.Win.

They contain custom forms of catalogs, documents, reports and processes. Developed by the user in Visual Studio.

Configuration schema metadata (catalogs, documents, registers).

C3.JustMoney.Model, C3.XXX.Model.

Created by the Designer.

Includes all objects of configuration data in the form of classes (catalogs, documents, registers).

A configuration may contain several schemes (Security, Just Money, etc.).

This feature allows you to update each schema separately.

Through these classes, data is modified in the database.

Base classes of configuration item forms.

C3.JustMoney.Form, C3.XXX.Form.

Generated by the Designer.

It includes base classes of forms of elements of all objects of all configuration schemes (catalogs, documents, registers).

Custom forms in the C3.Accounting.Win, C3.XXX.Win library are inherited from these base classes.

Managers of metadata (catalogs, documents, registers).


Generated by the Designer.

Includes data access managers. Managers return instances of catalogs and documents classes, by their name.

Through instances of classes of catalogs and documents (from the module C3.JustMoney.Model, C3.XXX.Model), data is modified in the database.

Managers of configuration object forms (catalogs, documents, reports, processings).


Generated by the Designer.

Includes access managers to forms of objects (form elements, lists). The form manager returns instances of form classes from custom modules (C3.Accounting.Win, C3.XXX.Win).

Form data is displayed in the MDI application window.

Manager of modules of objects and transactions.


Generated by the Designer.

Includes managers for accessing object modules and transaction from user libraries C3.Accounting.Module, C3.XXX.Module.

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