Professional Application

Professional multi-document Windows interface, designed for many hours of continuous work.

Ideal for systems with a lot of primary documentation.


Your data belongs only to you.

Data storage:

  • locally on the computer
  • in the enterprise network
  • in the data center, on enterprise servers, with access via the Internet. No additional VPN device required – data transmission is encrypted

Code audit

The open source code of our solutions gives you confidence that your data is not transferred anywhere.

Gives developers a base to develop their own solutions.


By reducing the time to develop systems.

best of business planning
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About me

Software developer with over 20 years of experience in developing financial and management systems based on Microsoft .NET.

Developed are both small and distributed highly loaded 3-level client-server systems with a professional Windows interface.

I develop projects in full – from concept to implementation.

The correct solution of the utilitarian problem is the basis of every successful project.

All projects presented on the site are developed by me, without outside help.

Alexey Nazemnov

Developer, Workshop Manager


Data will outlive any information systems. Newly emerging frameworks do not become the best, integration is defocused. Any frameworks are tools that allow you to do the same thing in different ways. I work with WinForms as the most adapted for business applications.

From bigger to smaller, combining needs, technology, timing, common sense.

The cost of solving the problem in the shortest possible time is the price of experience gained over the years.

for your Business

A format of cooperation that allows you to implement important business processes in a short time.

  • Dedicated team
  • Solution of business problems
  • Support


Dynamic expansion of product capabilities with robust tools brings

Customer Satisfaction 90%
Performance 80%
Experience 70%